Reviews, interviews, and other press-worthy items related to By the Rivers of Brooklyn are posted at the Shameless Self-Promotion page on my personal website, along with reviews and articles about other books I’ve written.

Shirley Newhook (The Telegram, St. John’s) called it: “A summer read you can’t put down.”

Tina Chaulk (author of This Much is True) said, “You will be swept away.”

Joan Clark (author of An Audience of Chairs) called it: “A finely nuanced novel that is a pleasure to read.”

Joan Sullivan (The Telegram, St. John’s) said: “The detailed descriptions of so many settings, including Coney Island in July 1928, or the St. John’s airport in March 1983, continuously and vividly bring the story alive.  This is a novel both meaty and delicate; you can dig right into it, and still find yourself savouring turns of plot, turns of phrase.”
See what other people are saying about By the Rivers of Brooklyn:

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