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Book Clubs

One bit of shameless self-promotion I really do enjoy is visiting book clubs.  It’s a very different dynamic from a reading or a signing, where you’re essentially trying to sell the book to people who may not have even heard of it. As a writer, it’s great to sit down with people who’ve actually read the book and talk about what they liked and didn’t like, which characters they identified with, and to answer any questions they might have.

I visited one local book club in October and am looking forward to visiting with another in November. I’m pleasantly surprised to learn how many book  clubs are active in St. John’s. It’s encouraging that in our electronic day and age, people still get together to read and talk about books.  In the new year, my book will be one of those available as a “book club kit” through the local library, and it will also be one of the featured selections for MUN’s Lifelong Learning book club where they discuss the works of local authors.

If you’re part of a book club and are interested in reading By the Rivers of Brooklyn, click on the “MORE” tab above, where I’ve added some questions for book club discussion. And if you’re in St. John’s or anywhere nearby, I’d be happy to visit with your book club if you like!


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