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More News!

I dropped down to Breakwater today to talk about putting an Evans family tree in the book.  I had drawn one up, and the art director says it will be easy to reproduce.  I like the idea of a family tree that will help readers keep the three generations of characters straight — but I wanted it to be at the back of the book rather than the front.  I don’t mind if readers want to seek it out, but if it’s right up front, it will give away a lot of plot points that some people may not want to be “spoilered” on.  So we decided to put it in the back.

Looks like the book will go to press in April and hopefully be launched sometime in May! I’m excited.  The cover is still a work in progress, although there is a “placeholder” cover out there on the publisher’s site for the book, and on the page.  (Same cover I’m currently showing in the margin here,  until I see the new one). Seeing it up on Indigo, even though it’s only listed for pre-order yet, makes it seem more real!


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